Ken Thieng

A place for natural healing, a place of positive energy, which is a sacred place for those who care for their mental and spiritual health.

Founded by Danny Vo, who came back to Vietnam from Singapore, and decided to establish Ken Thieng to share his journey toward true healing, authentic happiness and personal development. He hopes to spread out to the world the light of love and compassion.

Core Values

  • Sincerity: to care wholeheartedly toward sustaining human connection.
  • Sharing: what we receive today comes from what we gave yesterday, keep giving and sharing.
  • Sense of Humour: “laughter is the best medicine”, a true path to happiness and blessings.

Philosophy: “Happiness comes from within.” ~Carl Jung

Danny Vo - Founder of Ken Thieng


Psychology & Leadership

Danny returned to Vietnam after living in New Zealand and Singapore. He has contributed to the Vietnamese community in different areas. In the last 5 years, he has continuously received the awards by the Chairman of the Committee, for his contributions to the Ho Chi Minh community, and his motherland, Vietnam.


Mental Health & Happiness

After 20 years in search of his life’s mission, Ken Thieng was born. It’s a place where he can share his journey toward true happiness and personal growth that he equipped himself through real life experiences.


Healing & Reiki

He returned to Vietnam with an ambition to spread positive energy to the community. Healing and Reiki are modalities that Danny wants to spread and therefore help others to heal themselves toward happiness and life fulfilment.


Talkshow: share and inspire audience on Happiness, Mental Health and Healing topics.

Workshop: apply knowledge into practice to transform.

Counselling: work in a small group to address real time personal life challenges.

Training: transfer knowledge and apply it into personal circumstances.



Happiness Flow

Help businesses and organisations achieve Happy State at work by designing Happiness DNA for peak performance.

Leaders of Happiness

Help leaders to focus on deeply understanding themselves and their team to achieve happiness state for all members.

Burn-Out to Stand-Out

Focus on re-framing our mindset to recover from “burn-out” or even to re-generate our energy to cope with challenging world.

Heal to Harmonise

Go deeply in healing to strengthen connections within a business by natural healing, specially designed to suit individuals the most.

Happy Couple Languages

Awakening communication –  a key to sustain fire in loving relationship and marriage through real life examples and true stories.

Motivational Leadership

Specially designed for motivational leaders who want to uplift all members in big or small organisations, through experiments, experiences in their unique leadership style.

Path of Happiness

Heal, Grow and Enjoy as a fundamental path to life transformation, focusing on Happiness Circle.

Raising Happiness

Nurture happiness to pass to the next generations, starting from parents in this generation, as a joyful journey with our children.

Mental Resilience

Truly understand 6 different adversities that impact life and become more aware of our inner strength to conquer life adversity.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” ~Mulan

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