Greetings from Kayla!


Hey Lovely,

Welcome to Amoha World! 🙂

As every second you spend on Amoha website is thoroughly counted, I jump in here to say Hi! 🙂 and give you a brief story about the journey that led me to building Amoha World.

My name is Kayla Pham. I was born in a small coastal town in Vietnam. I currently live in Sydney, Australia, with my husband, an Aussie gentleman.

Below are my life milestones, and how I went from my traditional education to a transition to explore the Universe.

My philosophy!

There is Love and there is Wise-Love. Real Joy comes from an awakened heart where Wise-Love blossoms.

My spiritual place is within my own heart which is completely free of material bondage. It’s the bondage that attached us all to extreme sense gratification.




I felt that I really needed a better education. I was afraid to be left behind when I grew up so I asked my parents to allow me to study in a bigger town.


The first time I touched a computer mouse in a Pascal class, I felt something different, something that was so cool. That feeling led me to choose Information Technology in University. As a result, after I finished school, I left the small town for University.


I never felt fulfilled and life was confusing. I aspired to know more deeply about this world, my life and I wondered what happened after I died. I was clueless. In that confused state, I wanted to change my life for the better and I chose to study in Australia as a starting point.


A long journey came with different challenges. To answer all my life questions, I was exposed to a variety of science. Through it and with curiosity, my spiritual self emerged. Finally I’ve arrived to a place of peace, clarity absorbed by compassion and love!



Computer Science

Computer science is the foundation of my journey to explore the Universe. The “trigger” was how Wi-Fi signals transmitted through the air that caught me attention. At the same time, I questioned about how the human brain emitted energy through thoughts. Therefore, I studied Neuroscience to search for an explanation.

Quantum Physics

I questioned about how Radio signals transmitted in the air because I guessed it would be similar to the way Wi-Fi signals work. Then I was led to explore the quantum field, vibrations, frequencies. I continued to link it back to the human brain.


Until this point, my imagination went crazy. I sensed the Universe was far beyond what human language could explain. I started to sense energies around me. I could close my eyes and sense the Universe. It was right there in front of me. I could comprehend all the Wi-Fi and Radio signals transmitted around me.

Human Nature

While I hadn’t comprehended what a soul was, I was thrilled to realise how powerful the heart energy was, and how it operated in harmony with our whole energy system. Such a magnificent creation in the Universe is human nature. At this point, I started to ask questions about the Creator, the Supreme, and the Divine Love.

God & The gods

As a non-religious person with a logical mind in computer science, I never believed in God. Until I accepted the existence of the Universe, I insisted that God was the Universe and vice verse. However, it was my curious mind that urged me to find out more. As I desperately wanted to study deeper, I prayed to the Spirit, the Unseen, or the Magic energy to show me more, and to make me wiser. Then things started to unfold for me, I was guided to different events, and eventually finding the ancient knowledge. By learning this knowledge and wisdom, combined with all my previous discoveries and my personal experiments, I was amazed! All pieces of the puzzle were now in place. I felt so grateful for the long journey and all my wonder that finally came to reality. All the questions throughout my life were answered. I felt so whole!

Perfect Life

It turned out that most of what I had learned about this world, this life, my life before these discoveries, I had to relearn. This is the hardest reality to take. I realised that I had actually chosen a completely different direction, and it might conflict with others’ beliefs. However, the best thing out of this was I finally re-connected to my true self. I found peace, clarity and felt loved and protected. I turned to God and told Him: “I am ready, please use me to serve humanity!”



Bachelor Of Information Technology

I enjoyed studying Computer Science. I practiced to disassemble and assemble a computer during which I discovered mainboard, CPU, hard drive, Ram, CD player, etc., and how it all connected to make the whole machine work. I sometimes caused faults to the Windows system and had to learn to install the Windows OS. They both were scary and I had to be very careful because of my lack of experience in this area.

I also liked to study Software Development. I was thrilled to know the whole process of developing software. Since then, I had a secret wish to experiment with all stages in this process when I was in the job. And I did exactly that. Gradually, I worked as software developer, website developer, tester, business analyst, project manager.

My mind was fulfilled in Computer Science.

Bachelor Of Economics

After a few years working in IT, I started to see the key role that IT played in the world. I realised IT was the backend operating all the systems to support the front end which was business and economy.

I decided to study for the second bachelor in economics. My mind always aspired to understand a topic, a concept and a field in a complete view, not just part or half of it. Thus, I worked in the IT industry during the day and went to study economics in the evening.

Master of Information Systems

Traditionally, the common perception of my Master’s degree is to find a good job in Information Technology and earn a good salary. This was especially a dream to those who moved to a developed country like Australia. I overcame different challenges to accomplish this Master’s degree. However, after achieving this qualification, I felt empty and uncertain about my future and my life.

I realised there was still something missing in me as I sheltered in the country where I hadn’t yet been granted citizenship. While I continued with my life working as an IT professional, I knew clearly that the incomplete part in me awaited to be fulfilled.

Transition: A Quantum Leap!

(…to be continued)