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Lion Dance – Lunar New Year 2024

Capella Sydney 24 Loftus Street, NSW

Immerse in the vibrant celebrations and traditions of the Lunar New Year in the historical heart of Sydney’s CBD. People will be treated to a feast of the senses including traditional lion dancing, bountiful culinary specialties and time-honoured cultural rituals. Gather your loved ones and celebrate this joyous and enchanting time of year as we […]


Harinam Dacing On The Beach

Bondi Beach Bondi Beach, NSW

The saṅkīrtana is the spiritual movement in order to keep the mass of people in a pure state of peace and friendship with one another.


How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Online Zoom

A life with no limit is the life that is worth living. It sounds unbelievable but it's possible for those who have this key: BELIEF IN YOURSELF!