The form of Art for Special You

The act of giving is an incredible contributor to our personal well-being and happiness. You give yourself when you tell true stories. And when you dedicate your time to serving others, you’re much less likely to fall into a negative spiral.

Storytelling is a form of giving, caring and healing. It helps cure selfishness, dissolve egocentric, and re-engage openness in human connection.

Human Connection

Telling and sharing true stories reinforces human connection. Even though it’s uncomfortable and vulnerable but it’s engaging, convincing to an audience, and is a joy to storytellers.

Superficial conversations loosen human connections.

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“A compelling story with an emotional trigger alters our brain chemistry, making us more trusting, understanding and open to new ideas.” ~ Dr Paul Zak

Storytelling induces 3 hormones in Human Brain:


Storytelling is dopamine-creating because it’s always something that we’re waiting and expecting. Dopamine effects are more focus, more motivation, better memory.



Oxytocin triggers generosity, trust, bonding which makes people feel more human, and more relaxed through empathy that storytelling creates.



Endorphin makes people laugh so they become more creative, more relaxed, and more focused.

The Meaning of Life



By telling our own life stories, we don’t only move and encourage other people, it also affects us. Stories take people on a journey and make them feel connected.

Start operating from love, knowing that you’re enough. Live in the now, and enjoy the journey!

Stories make us remember and they make us care. Revealing your feelings through storytelling is the beginning of healing. The reason we hide our faults is our pride which comes from our ego.

When we learn to tell a good story, we learn to care about others more, we learn to give a piece of information that would help people improve or transform their lives. We actually learn the art of giving.

Great souls are grown through struggles and storms and seasons of suffering. This is why true transformational stories are powerful for human transformation.

It becomes the ultimate way to develop and reconnect to our Inner World, to nurture our soul through love and compassion.

Storytelling is also a powerful and effective way to infuse ideas into the sacred hearts and minds of others for lasting impacts because impactful stories are empowering, trailblazing, and nerve making.

Innovation is hard, and the story is vital for the survival of our solution. Telling a clear, compelling true story ensures that everyone can re-tell it easily. The story is the perfect vessel for the vision.

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