A Journey Called "AMOHA"!


Earning a master’s degree in Information Technology, I had paid much attention to the technology world. My intention to seek the best way to live my life led me to researching the nature of human mind. Then, I soon realised how technology had gradually dominated human mind, and entered human brain and body. Meanwhile, I observed how the quality of human connection had significantly degraded in modern society. Thus, I was determined to go on an adventure to study how we could leverage both our mind and technology to improve the quality of our life. Not long after, “Amoha World” was born!

Bold Vision

We observe life and question it, then study it and search for the missing pieces by going beyond the ordinary realm. It’s how the vision was boldly shaped.

Audacious Mission

My burning passion in devotion is empowered by ancient wisdom because it can direct us all toward the ultimate goal of life.


Clear Purpose

By the torch of Wise Love, humanity eventually become enlightened, the stage of non-violence, tolerance, humility and compassion which we aim for.

Superb Values

1. Dignity – 2. Courage

3. Compassion – 4. Unity

I pledge to live in truthfulness and to not compromise or violate the core values.

A.M.O.H.A Qualities


We, inner explorers, embrace our weaknesses to strive with purpose towards higher consciousness. We call it “Internal Journey”. It doesn’t matter where we start, how many times we fail, and what mess we make in our life, we can always get back up to break through, to transform our failures into fuel so our mess becomes our messages to the world.

Amoha's personal qualities

My Life Milestones Behind Amoha



Growing up in a small coastal area, at 15, I was very concerned about my future studies. I realised that I needed a better education. I imagined being left behind later in life. Finally I asked my parents for permission to go study in the town.

Destiny with computers

The first time I touched a computer mouse in a Pascal class, I felt something different, something that was so cool. That feeling led me to choosing Information Technology field for my University. Therefore, I left the town to go to the city for my IT pursuit.

An Urge for a Big Move

I never felt fulfilled and sometimes life was so confusing. I aspired to understand this world more deeply. I felt that my knowledge was very limited. I began to question “what will happen after I die?”. I was clueless. The urge to learn more about life and the world led me to the biggest decision: moving to study and live in Australia, alone!

I found myself a peace!

A long journey to the unknown came with challenges. In search for the answers, I was exposed to the material world, then the spiritual science. Diving deeply into the spiritual realm, my spiritual self has emerged. Finally, I’ve arrived at the place of peace and clarity, filled with bliss and divine love!