King Midas & His Golden Touch


According to Greek myths, King Midas was a man who wished that everything he touched would turn into gold.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki believed the world needs more entrepreneurs. For the first time, two of the world’s most successful and influential entrepreneurs shared their own Midas Touch secrets. Secrets that will both inspire you to find and fulfil your passion as well as provide you with the hands-on guidance you need to be successful. Through their real life stories of success, failure, perseverance and purpose, you’ll discover how they do it and whether or not you have what it takes to drive your own entrepreneurial success.

My endeavour was rooted from the decision to pursue entrepreneurship. I had no experience and I wasn’t confident in all walks of life, living in the country that’s not my home. I was looking for ways that could stabilise myself in the Western world. I was desperately and passionately searching for the best knowledge from the best people who could show me the best way to work and live my life! Then I came across and read this book. Three lessons I learned from the Midas Touch were:


What is truly important in entrepreneurship is communication and public speaking skill, and the integrity behind the brand.

Good Associates

Having good partners is critical. You should only partner with those who have integrity, who do exactly as they say.


If you’re keen on working for money, you focus on receiving. If you try to work to serve millions, you actually set a mindset of giving.

The Power of Taking Action


Lesson Learned

  • Sometimes a journey may be challenging to conquer but if we put the right amount of time and effort into it the outcome is truly rewarding.
  • Ideas have value only when you act upon them. “Nothing comes merely by thinking about it.” ~John Wanamaker
  • Use action to cure fear and gain confidence. Action must precede action. Nothing starts itself, this is a law of nature.

Dream and Take Action

  • I took action and gave my first speech in the second meeting of a public speaking club. The result surprised me – I was voted as the best speaker of the night.
  • Two years later, I was nominated to represent the club to attend the International Toastmasters Contest. To my surprise, I was invited to participate as a test speaker in three different areas. The final result: I came second in the International Speech Contest for my region. 🙂
  • After the pandemic, I had a chance to give a speech on stage and, once again, I received great feedback. At the end of the meeting, I was invited to give a speech to another club.

After all, it’s the power of Taking Action no matter what condition we are in.

The only way to start something is to get started now! “Now” is the magic word, not tomorrow, next week, later, sometime, some day. Tell yourself, “I’m in condition right now to begin.”

The Power of a Heartfelt Story

  • The secret behind my speeches is Storytelling. And the secret behind my storytelling is the connection with other human beings through their hearts. It opened up to me a new way of communication and I’ve continuously worked on honing this skill.
  • As I continued this journey with challenges, storytelling taught me to care more. It also helped me to heal my trauma and I gained courage to tell my true life stories. By telling stories, I brought back my memories, or they emerged for me to heal.
  • It takes courage, consistency and our willingness to give ourself to others through our real life stories.
I’ve arrived at the place where I could finally say: “I’m comfortable to be vulnerable.” And it comes from the power of storytelling.

A Retreat During The Pandemic


The entrepreneurship pursuit taught me that doing business was not to just make or take money, but to help people solve problems, and create values in the world. Therefore, I had to cultivate the skill to serve people! The public speaking journey took me to the deeper level of human connection which was through the hearts. Since then, I began to see the reality of the world I had lived in…I chased something without a purpose. This led me to a sense of conflict within me.

Until the pandemic hit, I decided to spend more time to study thoroughly about life, about myself, and question more about my life purpose. I set my daily routine to go to the beach and meditate in Northern Beaches of Sydney where I lived at the time. From there, I went deeply within and started to connect to my Inner World. I tried to understand better about the outside world and looked for ways to live the rest of life that could make sense to my Inner World. It was the most miraculous and wondrous time of my life.

Amoha was naturally conceived as a result of my Internal Journey! 🙂