Amoha is a place to reconnect, nurture and transcend your Inner World! It’s the path to self-realisation of your true nature – one that is filled with pure love, eternal bliss, and boundless peace – as a result of your holistic practices in conscious living through these 4 pillars:


If you cannot truly feel, you cannot access the wisdom of the Universe. The more deeply you can feel, the more you can access this realm. By consciously listening to your heart and operating all aspects of your life based on it, you start to sense the wisdom of your soul.


Your true understanding and real knowledge comes from a deep connection (yoga) of your Inner Self and the Divine. It’s your ability to “see” beyond the material world and eventually comprehend the interconnectedness of all living beings in this Creation.

Persistent Growth

Your mind is the source of your problems. By learning to consistently redirect your mind to the transcendental source, you gradually elevate your consciousness and gain the inner connection which guides you to the ultimate growth. Personal and spiritual growth go hand in hand!


Your physical body is the vehicle. Your soul is its driver. Without a healthy body, the journey of your soul is disrupted. When your physical senses are under- or over-functioning, it disturbs you from connecting to your inner world. Maintaining a healthy body is a prerequisite to your wellness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Your Life Adventure



Don’t create a life that just looks good on the outside. Create a life that you feel good on the inside. Don’t try to reach the highest success in the outside world, and then realise that you forgot the key to Happiness. Instead, when you’re situated in purpose, you find joy in daily living. And when you’re connected to the Universe, you’re connected to yourselves. Life means growth, exploration and discovery!

"So, what did you do today to invest in your life journey?"




We’re passionate and anxious to attain happiness in the world but we don’t know the formula for it. In fact, we’re all under the stringent rules of material nature. Our passion toward achieving happiness either individually or collectively in the material world is possible only when we become really conscious and adjust our living following the natural laws.


Our pursuit to become liberated from material entanglements is in our origin innately. It requires knowledge, but not knowledge in an intellectual sense, but the awareness of our true nature. The path of attaining such knowledge makes us think more wisely, and we use the powers of our mind to discriminate between the real and the unreal.


Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Everything is achievable when we recognise the interconnectedness of all beings through divine love every single moment. For an enlightened world, we need to practice and cultivate that divine love because the true essence of our being is this love which is situated in everyone’s heart.

Conscious Living & Wise Thinking

Sincerity of purpose, purity of desire, dependence on divine grace, dutiful and determined effort – these are the components of internal success.” ~Keshava Swami

Life Success

Success is a journey, not a destination. Through this journey, we accumulate experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. This is the purpose of life.

Heart Awakening
Heart Awakening

The ultimate path to Divine Connection

Cross-cultural Marriage
Cross-cultural Marriage

A Great Opportunity for Growth

Creative Visionary
Creative Visionary

A perfect workshop for C-Suite and Management Level

Sound Healing
Sound Healing

The secret of Sound and vibration

Behind AMOHA

“Our human form is a special gift of material nature. Being human is our chance to achieve the highest boon of life which is to get out of the quantum entanglement on Earth”.

...Is An Enthusiast Human Being!

Years in Real Life Tests

I left my family for a better study environment at 15, next I left my hometown at 18, then I left my home country, Vietnam, at 33. Since then, my life has been full of tests in real life.


Countries, and Counting...

It was those curious questions, like “What is life?”, “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, that led me to exploring the world by visiting different countries, then moving to live in the Western country, Australia. Until I felt so confused about the Western world, I was led to discovering the ancient wisdom of the East. That’s why I made my way to India, the land of wonder.


Locations, Languages

Somehow life put me to circumstances that challenged me with language test. I failed over again and again that led me to the belief that I could never speak English proficiently. That belief remained until I hit the rock bottom as I was about to give it all up and ended my dream while I was in Vietnam. However, I got back up and made my way back to Australia for my final attempt – it became the best decision ever in my life.